Socialization and EduCation !

Morris County EduCare is a full-day, year round creative learning center designed to help give children the foundation they need to build self-esteem, to develop school competence, and to "reach for the stars" in a warm and nurturing environment. EduCare is guided by a philosophy of education which emphasizes the importance of the total development of each child in a family environment. 

Meet the Owners...

When Maryellen and Joe Soriano searched for quality infant care for their own son, little did they know it would lead them to own and direct a center in their Roxbury neighborhood. They decided to open their own center in order to provide high quality care in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Together they bring a personal family touch with a goal of providing care and enrichment to each child. 

Maryellen earned her Masters in Education from The New Jersey City University and is a specialist of the Fast Forword Reading Program as well as a Certified Provider for The Listening Program by Advanced Brain Technologies. She holds certificates with the State of New Jersey as Teacher of Early Childhood, Elementary Teacher, Teacher of Reading, New Jersey Teacher of Students with Disabilities, and New Jersey Principal and Supervisor. She was Teacher of the Year in 1989 for the Hopatcong Board of Education and an Outstanding Educator for the NJ Jaycees in 1993.

Joe contributes the information technology support. He earned his BS in Accounting and a minor in Economics from St. Peter's College in Jersey City. After leaving the mortage industry in 2002, Joe joined Maryellen in the child care profession. Together they have been successfully providing early childhood experiences. Maryellen and Joe believe parents are partners in the educational process and welcome suggestions and feedback. 

Our Classes:


Infants grow at an extremely fast rate.  By the end of their first year, they would’ve tripled their birth weight and doubled their length. By their first birthday, most would be crawling or taking their first steps. The most important ingredient in our infant room is a warm, responsive, and dependable caregiver.  We spend lots of time holding, cuddling, and playing with the infants in our care.  We are richly rewarded with the smiles, babbles, and laughter from our infants.


These young toddlers are always on the move! They are curious and need help in developing a sense of limits. They are able to make choices among clear alternatives. Our program takes advantage of daily routines to help children develop a sense of order in the world.
Our caregivers of toddlers become partners with the older toddlers.  They encourage children to help with snack and naptime, making children feel competent.  Older toddlers are given the option to play freely so they can learn about size, shape, and weight. Our caregivers are flexible and ensure each child receives individual attention to assist them during this stage.


Caregivers of this age know that independence is a crucial factor for this developmental stage. Our teachers support the children’s active participation and independence through daily educational activities. Children are encouraged to work out their conflicts through negotiations.

Preschoolers at EduCare develop a love of learning and a feeling of success through our integrated curriculum.The program reinforces the preschoolers growing interest in reading and writing. A whole languae curriculum is combined with playful learning experiences for each child. 


At this age, our teachers and support staff are preparing your child for kindergarten.  They provide a schedule that is balanced with the type of activities that they will experience in Kindergarten. Our activities are designed to promote the develop of fine motor-skills, cognitive skills, and social skills.


Kindergarten at EduCare emphasizes a literature based program.  Reading is the main component of the program, followed by writing, speaking, and listening skills. We work with the surrounding school districts to ensure the curriculum correlates with the New Jersey Core Content Standards.

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